How to find a puppy on PawFax

Use the PawFax Puppy Finder

Easily search and use our puppy finder to find puppies for sale and dog breeders. Find the perfect dog breed, size, and color. Read the dog breeders reviews and make a decision. Puppy Finder

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Contact a Dog Breeder

PawFax makes it easy to start conversations with dog a breeder. Simply create a “Puppy Buyer” account for free, then message the breeder has chosen. Feel free to message multiple breeders to find the perfect puppy.

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Look for the PawFax Verified Badge

The PawFax verified badge is proof that you are dealing with the best. Not every dog breeder can have PawFax Verification. We don’t accept Puppy Mills, Puppy Brokers or let anyone without experience have PawFax verification. Learn More

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PawFax protects it's users from

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Puppy Brokers

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Puppy Mills

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Puppy Scams

Featured dog breeders and puppies for sale

Need more information about PawFax?

PawFax does all the leg work when it comes to finding the best dog breeders

Do you have dog breeders in all states?

PawFax works very hard onboarding the best dog breeders in all states. Our PawFax breeder verification takes time to screen and vet breeders. If you don’t see a dog breeder in your state, don’t worry, we will are currently reaching out to more.

Are there puppies for sale near me?

Yes! We have puppies for sale all over the United States and surrounding areas within our PawFax network of breeders. PawFax takes pride in vetting the best dog breeders in the United States. If you’re looking for puppies for sale in the United States, you came to the right place.

What if the dog breeder I want is not in my state? Can you make travel arrangements for my dog?

On the PawFax platform when you search for dog breeders or puppies for sale, we ask our dog breeders to provide travel details. We encourage you to pick up your puppy in person, but sometimes that’s not the most convenient option. Ask your breeder if they allow safe air travel or ground transportation for puppies.

Can I find a good dog breeder on PawFax?

Yes! There are good dog breeders all over, you just need to find them. With so many puppy mills and online brokers, PawFax does the leg work to weed them out.

What’s the price of puppies for sale on PawFax?

There is no set price for puppies for sale on the PawFax platform. Pricing is determined by the unique attributes of each particular puppy. These attributes include sex, temperament, coloring and more importantly, breeder experience. If you need to know the price of a puppy, simply message a dog breeder on the PawFax platform.

How quickly can I get a Puppy through PawFax?

PawFax makes it very fast to find the best dog breeders. Through our Breeder Verification Program, you will know your puppy is coming from a great source. PawFax Verification

Should I Choose A Verified Breeder?

Our system is simple. When you see the PawFax Verified badge next to a dog breeder, you know that we’ve worked with that breeder to verify them as a legitimate, ethical operation. At PawFax, we keep our standards high, so when you see that badge, you can shop with peace of mind. Learn more about PawFax Verified


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