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PawFax is a free breeder review and listing site.


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Why PawFax?

PawFax was built by dog-lovers as a place to connect puppy buyers with responsible, ethical breeders like you. In an increasingly digitized marketplace, forgoing the internet as a platform for your breeding business is leaving puppies out of forever homes...and money on the table!

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Sell Puppies Online

PawFax makes it easy to safely sell puppies online. Create a PawFax profile and start engaging with active puppy buyers in your area. With PawFax you have full control of your listings and we do the hard work of bringing the puppy buyers.

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Message Customers

Unlike other puppy-selling platforms, we encourage one-on-one time with your prospective buyers. By developing real relationships between buyers and breeders, we can create an empowering platform for everyone involved -- especially the pups!

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Be found higher on Google

PawFax was built to promote dog breeders websites. That means we do all the leg work when it comes to being found online. When a dog breeder has a PawFax profile behind them, they perform better on the search engines. This helps you sell puppies online faster!

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How to sell puppies online with PawFax

1. Register for PawFax

After registration, the PawFax team will help you set up your breeder profile and answer any questions you might have. We will complete our first initial interview.

Become A Breeder, PawFax

2. Become Verified

Our verification process is simple, upload the required documents and our team will verify your breeding practices. Once verified you will recive the “Verification Badge” on your profile and be featured in our breeder search.

Become A Breeder, PawFax

3. Start Collecting reviews

The breeders with the most positive reviews are featured on our homepage in marketing emails to our customers. You may submit your past customers here: [email protected]

Become A Breeder, PawFax
Become A Breeder, PawFax

4. Become Featured

The breeders with the most positive reviews are featured on our homepage in marketing emails to our customers. You may submit your past customer reviews here: [email protected]

4. Start to sell puppies online

PawFax makes it simple for dog breeders to list and sell puppies online. We work very hard optimizing PawFax breeder profiles to rank high in search engines. List your puppies today!

How to create a profile video:

Still not sure about becoming a PawFax breeder?

PawFax does all the leg work to help you sell puppies online

How can I sell puppies online with PawFax?

Listing on PawFax is easy. Simply create a breeder profile and answer all required questions about your breeding practice. If you need help with your profile creation please email [email protected].

What if I don’t have a website? Can I still sell puppies online?

No website? Hakuna Matata! Many of our users don’t have a website when they join PawFax. They tend to find it’s easier to just have a PawFax profile. We do all the hard work!

What if I need help creating my profile?

The friendly staff at PawFax loves going above and beyond for our dog breeders. If you need help creating or editing your PawFax Breeder Profile, email [email protected] with your name and phone number. We will build the perfect profile together!

Can I pay to be featured?

No. PawFax only features breeders that have the most reviews. We are built of integrity and do not allow payment for promotions.

How to get in touch with puppy buyers?

The PawFax makes it easy to communicate with potential puppy buyers. Simply respond to messages directly from your Breeder Dashboard. We work our tails off driving puppy buyers that are looking for dog breeders that are selling puppies online.

Should I become verified on PawFax?

Absolutely! PawFax verification is a badge of trust and safety for your customers. It proves that a breeder has a legitimate operation. Once you are verified, showcase the badge on your profile.

What if I don’t want to pay the verification fee?

If you can’t pay for the PawFax verification, you can earn it! Since PawFax was designed as a breeder review and listing service, we have a deal for you….. If you have 10 customers leave reviews on your PawFax breeder profile, we will waive your PawFax verification fee. “Tails Wagging”

Will this cause any problems with my search rankings?

Not at all. Having a PawFax profile and our Verification badge on your website increases your search rankings. We designed the PawFax platform to give you the best chances online.


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