Breeder Code Of Ethics

By utilizing the PawFax platform as a breeder, you agree to:

  1. Breed with responsibility. This includes careful consideration and planning, taking into account the ultimate betterment of the breed, and the ongoing happiness and wellness of both parents, as well as current and future litters.
  2. Minimize puppy stress by:
    1. A stress-free physical and emotional environment, away from other dogs on the premises.
    2. A proper, appropriate amount of space to move with and around her litter.
  3. Provide a proper, clean, and safe environment for puppies and parents alike. This includes, but is not limited to:
    1. Regular veterinary care from a licensed veterinary physician.
    2. Appropriate living space
    3. Access to food, water, and enrichment activities
    4. Regular socialization and interaction with other dogs
  4. Only breed females who are in outstanding health, and which have been screened and approved by a licensed veterinarian.
  5. Not breed a female for more than the appropriate number of litters per lifetime.
  6. Ensure all newborn puppies are given a full, comprehensive health screening by a licensed veterinary physician. Puppies must also be given necessary shots and deworming, and have a clean bill of health before being placed in any buyer’s home.
  7. Breed in accordance with all local, state, and federal laws, rules, and regulations.

Placing Puppies in Homes

  1. Make yourself readily and easily available to offer guidance or advice to any buyer, for the entirety of the dog’s life.
  2. Be willing to take any dog back in, should the dog’s owners become unfit candidates for ownership, for any reason or circumstance.
  3. Never use deceitful practices or misrepresent any dog listed on the Pawfax platform.
  4. Disclose any health issues, no matter how severe or harmless, before placing a dog in its home.
  5. Screen all potential owners to determine both eligibility and motivation for dog ownership.
  6. Keep puppies until they have reached the appropriate age for re-homing — typically at least eight weeks.
  7. Accompany each puppy with the following documentation:
    1. Comprehensive medical records, including health certificate which features vaccination and deworming dates.
    2. Sales Contract
    3. Guarantee of Health

Become a Verified Breeder

To become a PawFax verified breeder, the dog breeder must prove their breeding operations, prove the health of their puppies, and agree to our Dog Breeder Code Of Ethics. Learn More

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