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Australian Shepherd

About the breeder

The AKC Miniature American Shepherd is also known as Mini Ameri or MAS and affectionately referred to as the Mini aussies . They are directly related to the Miniature Australian Shepherd and their bloodlines are those of the Australian Shepherd.
The minis are mirror images of the Australian Shepherd, who were selectively bred to produce a dog of smaller stature. The AKC Miniature American Shepherd are bred with a goal of maintaining their small size, active character, superior intelligence and a willingness to please those to whom they are devoted.

This breed excels at just about anything you would like to pursue; hunting, herding, agility, fly ball, dock dog, barn hunt as well as being excellent service dogs. They are eager to learn & are easily trained. Miniature American Shepherds are excellent companions & are very loyal, loving & kid friendly dogs. Wonderful family pets, service & therapy dogs, fierce competitors in agility & herding. We socialize puppies & start potty training.
Our goal is to have a happy & loving forever home/family & puppy. Parents Genetic Health Tested PRA, HC, DM, MDR1 as well as hips & elbows checked.
Tail docked & dew claws removed
Puppies will be current & up to date vaccinations shots & dewormed. Every puppy leave with a goody bag, toys, food, a blanket with mommas & my scent on it (I feel this helps make puppies comfortable and more at ease good into a new home with current & up to date puppy shot & de-worming record. We are a small hobby breeder.

Price Range

**Puppy Prices 

​​**Females & Males ( On Spay Contract ) Pet Only

*Blue/Red Merles – $ 1,200.00 & up

*Red/Black TRI or BI (brown / amber eyes) – $ 900.00 & up

*Red/Black TRI or BI ( blue eyes ) – $ 900.00 & up

Estimated Wait Time

I am expecting puppies in September & October. Puppies will NOT leave my home until minimum age of 8 weeks.
All prices shown are pet prices are spay/neuter only.

Enrichment & Socialization

We love watching how each puppy develops their own little awesome personality. We start working on potty training at 5 weeks old. From the day they are born we hid them and love on them. We also crate train puppies so they learn that it is safe & is good place to be. Puppies start learning that they are allowed to only chew on toys & bones or hooves. The puppies starting to learn the word "Good" and the word "No". We want our babies that leave our home to go to their new forever family in a good safe and health way. We have found starting our puppies out this way makes it easier transition on the puppies and new forever families. We start learning about puppy pool as I want the to know water is a fun & good thing. We have 20 acres & I ride them in my truck so they start learning this is ok & a good. My grand baby plays with them and I introduce they to my other dogs. They are born in my home and are part of my family. All my dogs & puppies sleep in my house. 

I cry with ever puppy that leaving here, it's a happy but sad time as I love everyone of them as my own kids. Nothing is greater and rewarding as a hobby breeder than when new owners keep in contact with us. We love getting pictures and phone calls. It makes it all worth the crying when they are leaving for their own new journey with their forever families and homes.

Health of Puppies

Parents Genetic Health Tested PRA, HC, DM, MDR1 as well as hips & elbows checked.
Puppies Tails docked & dew claws removed.
Puppies will be current & up to date vaccinations shots & dewormed.

More information about breeder

I learn from every puppy & litter. I love to see the joy of each forever family & puppy as I work hard with every furry baby to make sure they all have the best start of life. Every puppy takes a piece of my heart and I am always available for forever human families and puppies. I enjoy watching them grow and love sharing pictures & video of the starting at 1 day old. I want their new forever to be apart of that as well. I have several puppies that are therapy & disability dogs. Some work with handicap kids and abused children. It’s so rewarding to me and warms my heart with happy tears. I truly love every moment with a the puppies.

I do have a puppy contract and I feel that this contract is really for safety and well-being of the puppy/dog.  If, ever needed I will be happy to take puppy back into my home.


  • Health Gaurntee
  • 1 year health guarantee


Health Tests

  • DNA Panel Test
  • OFA Elbows
  • OFA Hips
  • Verified Vet Health Tests


  • Flight Nanny
  • Pick up at breeder location
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