Five Amazing Big Dog Breeds

big dog breeds, Five Amazing Big Dog Breeds, PawFax, PawFax

At PawFax, we don’t discriminate. We know that good boys (and girls) come in all shapes and sizes. So today, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite big-boy dog breeds that make for excellent companions. 

Big Dog Breeds


big dog breeds, Five Amazing Big Dog Breeds, PawFax, PawFax

Often referred to as the “World’s Fastest Couch Potatoes,” Greyhounds are notoriously lazy. While they do enjoy the occasional run around a yard or dog park, they’re more than happy to sleep 18-20 hours per day. Yep — you read that right. 

These gentle, relaxing souls make for a pleasantly calming addition to any home. They typically don’t bark very often and are happy to snuggle up next to their owners at all hours of the day. Just be warned — you might find yourself needing another couch to accommodate your new best friend’s sleeping habits! Although they are happy to snooze on an XL-sized dog bed, greys have a tendency to adorably take over couches and beds. 



big dog breeds, Five Amazing Big Dog Breeds, PawFax, PawFax

If you’ve come face-to-face with a Mastiff, you’ll know how powerful they can appear. These large, robust dogs are as strong as they are tall, and can cast an imposing shadow. But, don’t be fooled — although they make great guard dogs, Mastiffs are gentle giants to the core. They’re endlessly loyal and affectionate, making them a surprisingly perfect family dog. 


Although almost entirely harmless, Mastiffs’ impressive statures make them excellent guard dogs against any would-be intruders. 


Bernese Mountain Dogs

big dog breeds, Five Amazing Big Dog Breeds, PawFax, PawFax

These sturdy, working dogs are some of our favorite pups on the planet. Besides being strikingly handsome, Berners have a decidedly pleasant disposition. Affectionate, loyal, and eager-to-please, these intelligent pups make for great companions to those with some room to spare. They like to run around, so a fenced-in yard is a must for these hefty puppers. 


If you’ve got the space, though, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more amusing and loyal breed. With their goofy and fun attitude, Berners truly define the ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality.


Great Danes

big dog breeds, Five Amazing Big Dog Breeds, PawFax, PawFax

Great Danes are just that — great! You’d have trouble finding a bigger dog. They tower over most dogs on all fours, and when on their hind legs, stand taller than most people as well! Although they aren’t quite the gentle giants that others on our list can be, Great Danes are wonderfully affectionate and loyal companions. 


Although adding a dog to your life is never a commitment to be taken lightly, that’s especially true of Great Danes. They need plenty of room, and special care has to be taken where the diet is concerned. If you’re up to the task, though, you’ll find a loyal, courageous, and fun friend in a Great Dane.  


German Shepherds

big dog breeds, Five Amazing Big Dog Breeds, PawFax, PawFax

Although not as towering as some other breeds on our list, we do love our German Shepherds. Their loyalty, intelligence, and interactive disposition make them a great choice for an experienced dog owner. It’s important to keep in mind that German Shepherds aren’t happy to sleep all day. They’re working dogs by nature, and require ample activity of some kind.

Luckily, they take extremely well to training in just about any context. So, if you’re the active type with previous some dog ownership in your portfolio, a German Shepherd might just be the dog for you! You can find German Shepherd breeders and puppies for sale with Preferable Pups. (We trust them!)


Picking Your Big Dog Breeds

There are plenty of choices at your local adoption center or dog pound. But, if you’ve got a specific breed in mind, it’s unlikely that the pound will happen to have that exact breed. With a service like PawFax, finding a professional breeder with the exact dog breed that you want is super easy. On top of this, because the dog you’re buying will likely be purebred, you’ll know exactly which traits and temperament predispositions it may have. Learn our helpful tips on finding the best dog breed here: View Article 

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