How to be shown in Google rankings as a dog breeder

Dog Breeder Google Rankings, How to be shown in Google rankings as a dog breeder, PawFax, PawFax

So, you are a dog breeder. You have a website. You might be wondering why your dog breeder website is not showing up on Google. Well, the PawFax team has answers. 

How Google Rankins Work: 

To be found online you need relevant content and other  site’s saying good things about you. Thankfully, your PawFax profile is optimized to show up on the first page of google.

As you know, millions of people are searching on Google daily. So it’s important to have a Google presence.

Here is an example of a PawFax breeder showing up #1

Awesome! First Page Charley!

Dog Breeder Google Rankings, How to be shown in Google rankings as a dog breeder, PawFax, PawFax


Backlinks are the secret sauce to achieving the best dog breeder google rankings. It’s telling Google that you are a relevant site to the keywords you rank for.

In-Bound Backlinks

Inbound backlinks are any website that is linking back to yours. You want to make sure to have quality backlinks because Google doesn’t want irrelevant search results.
Example: If a handyman website was linking back to it would be deceiving the searchers.

But, If linked to, it would have lots of impact.

One thing about PawFax is we build backlinks for our breeders. We know it can be tough but we enjoy doing it!

Keywords and what to shoot for…

Keywords, Keywords, and more Keywords.

Keywords are what the puppy buyer types into Google to find puppies for sale. It’s important to optimize your content so that you are being ranked for keywords.

If you are a Golden Doodle dog breeder one of the first keywords you should aim for is………..Golden Doodle Puppies for sale

The keyword Golden Doodle Puppies for sale has a whopping 12.5 THOUSAND monthly searches. Could you imagine being on the first page with that one?

Another cool thing about the PawFax platform is that we do all the leg work to get your profile ranking for high performing Google Dog Breeder Keywords.

Here are some tips to optimize your website for keywords

  • Have the Keywordz in the title section of your website
  • Have the keywordz listed in the content of your website
  • Go get some relevant websites to give you backlinks
  • Create blog posts with the keywords

Want us to do all the leg work for you?

PawFax gives dog breeders the ultimate domination when it comes to Google rankings. It’s free and our team is working around the clock to drive traffic to your PawFax Dog Breeder Profile and website.

(If you haven’t created your breeder profile yet, please do so here.:)

 Create Breeder Profile

So, that’s about it. The PawFax team will continue making awesome content to drive traffic to your PawFax breeding profiles and personal websites. All you need to do is sit back and relax.

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