Pomeranian Temperament Pomeranian Temperament: A Handy Guide

You’ve probably heard the common phrase, ‘a dog is a man’s best friend.’ We at Furzly tend to agree! Most dog owners know that nothing beats coming home from a long day of work to see your favorite furry pal. However, even the biggest dog fans understand how important a dog’s temperament is. Part of finding the perfect pet is finding an animal whose personality is compatible with your own. Today, we’ll be examining the pomeranian temperament to see how they compare in the doggy world!


Before we get started, however, we should start by addressing an important note. Although dog breeds come with general temperaments, Furzly is fully aware that each dog is unique. Just like humans come with their own personalities, so do dogs! This means that even though Pomeranians have general qualities, there’s no guarantee that your pomeranian will be the same. Therefore, it’s important to understand that this is merely a guide and not concrete. With that said, let’s dive into the world of pomeranian temperament!


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The Importance of Pomeranian Temperament


Before we can explore pomeranian temperament, we have to have an appreciation for why it matters. In a world where dog training is such a common practice, it may seem like temperament is no big deal. After all, don’t dog trainers “fix” bad behavior? It may seem like this is the case, but in reality, it’s far more complex. While it’s true that some bad behaviors can be corrected with effective training, this doesn’t mean that temperament isn’t important. In general, you shouldn’t adopt a pet with the idea that you’ll be able to simply “correct” a bad temperament. The truth is that not all bad behaviors can be corrected. Even if they can, it’s a process that will likely take hard work and patience. Therefore, simply writing off poor temperament as “fixable” isn’t always the best answer.


Risks of Bad Behavior


Although it’s easy to think of dogs only as gentle and harmless creatures, there are risks to handling ill-tempered dogs. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the dog is “bad,” but instead that the dog has bad habits. For instance, a dog with severe anxiety may be totally harmless until put in a stressful situation. Likewise, some dogs with food or toy aggression may lash out or even harm their owners. And even though it might seem like just one problem that needs to be fixed, it’s quite a serious one. For this reason, dog behavior shouldn’t be taken lightly.


Of course, this isn’t to say that an ill-tempered dog can’t make for a good pet. There have been many success stories of dogs with behavioral issues. In the right home with proper attention, certain bad behaviors can be corrected or improved. With that said, you should know whether this is a challenge you are willing and able to commit to. Factors like time, finances, patience, and additional risks like young kids can all play a role. When adopting a pet with temperament issues, you agree to both the good and bad. Because of this, knowing what you are capable of managing is crucial when deciding on a pet.


, Pomeranian Temperament Pomeranian Temperament: A Handy Guide, PawFax, PawFax
Pomeranian Temperament


Now that we’ve covered its importance, we can start to examine typical pomeranian temperament. As we mentioned before, despite breeds having general qualities attributed to them, there can be outliers. However, researching a dog breed can help you make an informed decision when considering which pet to adopt. Thankfully, Pomeranians have been companions to humans for years. As such, plenty has been recorded about these adorable little balls of fur!


In general, Pomeranians have earned a reputation for being outgoing, energetic, and highly intelligent companions. Despite their small stature, Pomeranians are known for their large personalities. Often having agreeable temperaments, Pomeranians are a popular choice for family pets. In fact, out of 195 dog breeds, they rank as the 23rd most popular pet! Of course, their adorable faces and luxurious fur help, too!


With this said, there are some important things to keep in mind about these qualities. Even though Pomeranians generally have good temperaments, there are things to consider when it comes to their individual characteristics. For instance, their seemingly endless energy means that they will likely require plenty of exercise and stimulation. Likewise, an outgoing personality may not be suitable for younger children or people that require calm and quiet pets. Because of this, a pomeranian may or may not be the right fit for your family.


, Pomeranian Temperament Pomeranian Temperament: A Handy Guide, PawFax, PawFax
How It Impacts Lifestyle


As previously stated, the same characteristics that make Pomeranians so charming can also pose quite the challenge. One of the considerations when it comes to temperament is how it will impact life for both the pet and the owner. Understanding a dog’s behavior can give you a better idea of what life with that dog will look like. In the case of pomeranian temperament, we’ll be exploring how qualities like intelligence and outgoingness can affect a home.




Alert in nature, Pomeranians have watchdog tendencies, which can pose the risk of excessive barking. In many cases, barking to signal an intruder has lead to a habit of barking more often than desired. To combat this, it’s important to work on discouraging barking. Thankfully, Pomeranians typically take to training quite easily. However, it’s best to start early in order to get the best results.


Large Personality, Small Dog


Additionally, their outgoing personalities don’t always match their size. Because of their small size, you might have to keep a closer eye on them in order to keep them safe. Things like playing too rough or jumping from high furniture can pose a risk to your pomeranian. They may not be aware of their tiny stature, which can make protecting them more difficult. In this case, a bold personality may not work in a home that can’t keep an eye on them!




Finally, due to their high intelligence, Pomeranians can make quite the mischievous pet! Although they’re typically easy to train, they’re also known for finding ways to get into trouble. This can be especially problematic given their small size. For instance, Pomeranians have made for formidable escape artists, sometimes escaping fences or squeezing through small holes. Unfortunately, in a lot of cases, their boldness has only heightened their naughtiness. Because of this, many owners have had to work to correct bad behavior early on.


Final Thoughts


We at Furzly know that picking the right pet can be a challenge. Many people have struggled with determining what makes a pet a good fit for them. We believe that dog temperament is a crucial factor. For instance, having a general idea of pomeranian temperament can help you decide if it’s the right pet for you. Beneath all of their fluff lies personality traits that may be perfect for some or a deal-breaker for others. Hopefully, this article has given some insight into whether or not you should consider adopting a pomeranian!


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