PawFax Breeder Verification

PawFax is a community and platform that connects prospective dog owners with legitimate, individually vetted dog breeders. By working closely with ethical breeders, we are able to confidently put our breeders in touch with buyers across the country.

About Breeder Verification

Look for the PawFax Verified Badge

The PawFax verified badge is proof that you are dealing with the best. Not every dog breeder can have PawFax Verification. We don’t accept Puppy Mills, Puppy Brokers or let anyone without experience have PawFax verification.

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Together, we can stop puppy mills!

PawFax is ending unethical breeding practices and puppy mills by creating a community of legitimate, responsible dog breeders. All of our Verified dog breeders have proven they have a real location and are not a puppy mill or puppy broker

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The Big Picture

As dog lovers, we created PawFax for the puppies. By bringing dog lovers and ethical, responsible breeders come together, we can create a better world for the good boys and girls in our lives.

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How Verification Protects You

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No Puppy Brokers

A puppy broker is a business or organization that sells puppies by flipping them. You've heard of people flipping houses for a profit, right? Well, unfortunately, some people do that with our furry little friends. Puppy brokers buy puppies from dog breeders then resells them under their brand.

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No Puppy Mills

Puppy Mills are the black plague of the doggy world. Hundreds of dogs being overbred and living in inhumane conditions for profits. Puppy Mills only care about maximizing profits even if it means jeopardizing the health of a puppy. If you smell a puppy mill, please report it to us.

Report Puppy Mill
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No Puppy Scams

Puppy Scams are the worst. They tend to operate online and ask for wire transfers for a puppy you want. Most of the time they don't have any puppies. With the PawFax Verification, you never have to worry about being scammed online. All PawFax Verified Breeders have proven they are a legit operation.

Here are some common red flags

Still not sure about PawFax Verified Breeders?

Here are some more Verification questions

How to become a PawFax breeder

Listing on PawFax is easy. Simply create a breeder profile and answer all required questions about your breeding practice. If you need help with your profile creation please email [email protected].

What if I don’t have a website

No website? Hakuna Matata! Many of our users don’t have a website when they join PawFax. They tend to find it’s easier to just have a PawFax profile. We do all the hard work!

What if I need help creating my profile?

The friendly staff at PawFax loves going above and beyond for our dog breeders. If you need help creating or editing your PawFax Breeder Profile, email [email protected] with your name and phone number. We will build the perfect profile together!

Can I pay to be featured?

No. PawFax only features breeders that have the most reviews. We are built of integrity and do not allow payment for promotions.

How to get in touch with puppy buyers?

The PawFax makes it easy to communicate with potential puppy buyers. Simply respond to messages directly from your Breeder Dashboard. We work our tails off driving puppy buyers that are looking for dog breeders that are selling puppies online.

Should I become verified on PawFax?

Absolutely! PawFax verification is a badge of trust and safety for your customers. It proves that a breeder has a legitimate operation. Once you are verified, showcase the badge on your profile.

What if I don’t want to pay the verification fee?

If you can’t pay for the PawFax verification, you can earn it! Since PawFax was designed as a breeder review and listing service, we have a deal for you….. If you have 10 customers leave reviews on your PawFax breeder profile, we will waive your PawFax verification fee. “Tails Wagging”

Will this cause any problems with my search rankings?

Not at all. Having a PawFax profile and our Verification badge on your website increases your search rankings. We designed the PawFax platform to give you the best chances online.


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